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Welcome to Agalatti

We are at Sakleshpur, Karnataka. The blend of fine,famed culture and lush green terrain of our region, inspires our intent to provide finest hospitality to our guests. We believe in live and let live idealogy with respect to the community involed.Our long term vision is to enable the local community, including we promoters involved, with enough oppurtunity that the urban communities are enjoying in todays globalized world.its a win win. While you cherish your holiday / time-out you indirectly enable a community, we get our creative satisfaction and are humbled to see a vision treading its path slowly & infinitely like the river that treads through our retreat.

Note : Illigal activities are prohibited on these premises. Anyone found taking Drugs / Gambling will be reported to the police.
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We have comfortable accommodation for up to 40 people at a time . we have family unit with 4 rooms , two cottages and dormitory accommodation for large groups

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Our property is treated by a river and we have a private lake and a host of sporting activities , water games and a Pool. Apart from this you can indulge in outdoor activities like trekking , waterfalls visit , plantation walk etc.

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