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Pandavar Gudda

There is a nice motorable road, though steep, leading to the temple. One can also climb up to the temple through steps that have been built. Sightseeing, Temple, Trekking by mekanagadde


Ettina Bhuja

In the southern belts of Karnataka, you can find the twin trekking sites of Ettina Bhuja and Amedikal. Although the latter is more sought after by seasoned trekkers, it is Ettina Bhuja that has recently been frequented by a host of amateurs and first-timers. Sightseeing, Temple, Trekking by mekanagadde.



Deveramane is a valley of small small hills and its lush green valleys is a paradise for photographers. A river close by to play around with friends and family. Sightseeing, Temple, Trekking, Waterfalls by mekanagadde.


Magajahalli Waterfalls

Just about 1 km from the village Magajahalli, if you listen carefully as you drive past, you will hear the gurgling sound of a waterfall. If you climb down into the underbush, you will a very nice waterfall cascading for about 20 feet in its glory. Waterfalls by mekanagadde.


Vasanthika Temple, Angadi

Angadi which means a market place or shop is 18 km south of Mudigere Town. This place has been identified as Sasakapura or Sosevur which was the original home of Hoyasalas who rose to great power in South India. The shrine here has pillars of granite with cylindrical shafts and hemi spherical mouldings. Three other ruined temples were dedicated to Keshava, Veerabhadra, and Mallikarjuna.



The town is renowned for its Chennakesava temple, one of the finest examples of Hoysala workmanship. Belur was the early capital of the Hoysala Empire Historical, Temple by mekanagadde.



Halebeedu is located in Hassan District. Halebidu was the regal capital of the Hoysala Empire in the 12th century. It is home to one of the best examples of Hoysala architecture in the ornate Hoysaleswara and Kedareswara temples.


Manjarabad Fort

The fort is reputed to have been constructed by Tippu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore as a strategic defensive location as it commands the approach to the plateau beyond Sakleshpur from the coast. Historical, SightseeingBy mekanagadde.



The village is known for its Dharmasthala Temple which houses the shrine of Shiva, Manjunatha, Ammanavaru, Chandranath and the Dharma Daivas (Guardian Spirits of Dharma) namely Kalarahu, Kalarkayi, Kumaraswamy and Kanyakumari.


Kukke Subramanya Temple

Kukke Subramanya is a Hindu temple located in the village of Subramanya in the Sullia taluk of Dakshina Kannada District near Mangalore. The temple is one of the pristine pilgrimage locations in India. Here Lord Subrahmanya is worshipped as the lord of all serpents.



Every visitor to the Annapoorna temple at Hornadu, irrespective of their religion, language, caste, or creed, is provided with a three-course vegetarian meal. Male visitors to the temple have to remove their shirts and banians and preferably cover their shoulders with a towel or a shawl, as a symbol of respect and humility in front of god.


Baba Budangiri

To the north of Chikmagalur town is the Baba-Budan Range or Chandra Drona Parvatha as it was known in olden times, which has one of the highest mountain peaks between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris.



Mullayanagiri is the highest peak in Karnataka, India. Mullayanagiri in the Chandra Dhrona Hill Ranges of the Western Ghats of Chikmagalur Taluk. With a height of 1,930 metres (6,330 ft), it is the highest peak between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris.


Devarunda Prasanna Rameshwara Temple

Devarunda is short in Kannada for “Devaru Ida Jaga” (the abode of Gods). Also known as Dakshina Kashi, the temple complex houses the gods Rameshwara, Veerabadreshwara, Byreshwara, Channakeshva, Parvati, Ganapathi, etc and is very revered.



Sringeri Sharadamba Temple Distance: 100 Kms Region: Sringeri (Chikmagalur) Type: Historical Temple Sringeri, 104 kms from Mangalore, is a well-known centre of pilgrimage situated on the banks of the river Tunga and at the foot of the Sahya Mountain - a part of the Western Ghats, in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka.