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About Us

We are at Sakleshpur, Karnataka. The blend of fine,famed culture and lush green terrain of our region, inspires our intent to provide finest hospitality to our guests. We believe in live and let live idealogy with respect to the community involed.Our long term vision is to enable the local community, including we promoters involved, with enough oppurtunity that the urban communities are enjoying in todays globalized world.its a win win. While you cherish your holiday / time-out you indirectly enable a community, we get our creative satisfaction and are humbled to see a vision treading its path slowly and infinitely like the river that treads through our retreat.

Agalatti River Retreat @ Sakleshpur has 30+ accomodation capacity with the main building surrounded with aroma of coffee plantation and overlooking vast paddy feilds. Agalatti is on the banks of Moorkann river , a subriver of River Kaveri.(Southern lifeline).We are also right in the foothills of western ghats and the ghats have blessed us with unending terrain of lush green shola forests and are safe havens for trekking and adventure activities. This pristine natural location is reachable in Max 4 hours from major commercial hubs of karnataka, Bangalore,Mangalore and Mysore.

The River Retreat is in the vicinity of lush green shola forests, big coffee planations, historic temples, forts and international tourist destinations like Belur and Halebidu.Sakleshpur is as well the most unspoilt tourist destination and remains so because it has choosen itself to attract a targeted set of of mature holidayers who would drive down and come to be here, rather than being a just another wayside general tourist attraction. Welcome to the Agalatti River Retreat, …Nature, River and more…

What is Agalatti & where are we?

As most of us might be aware Western Ghats are one of the hottest bio-diversity hotspots in the world and control the climate aspects of the entire southern India. Sakleshpur, is one such place to be blessed to be a host to a range of western ghats and Agalatti is one such beautiful, enchanting view point located exactly 7 kms from here. Its a viewpoint with a 100ft waterfall and a with a view of 30-35 thousand acres of dense forest.
Owing to the beauty of Agalatti we have named our Home-Stay Facility as Agalatti. Hospitality, Conserving Nature & showcasing it to the external world without much interference to it are our main priorities.